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online dental consult: What’s in this page: Below you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions about our services.
If you do not find the answer you are interested in, please Ask our online dentists and get your health queries answered for free.

online dental consult online dental consult: Here are the faq concerning these subjects:

1. Our diagnosis and treatment options
2. Our services
3. Our report
4. Our webform
5. The documents to be uploading as file attachment to our form submission.
6. The quality of x-ray pictures
7. The big documents to be sending by mail
8. Our pricing and payments
9. Other issues


1.1: How accurate is your diagnosis?

It is most important to specify that the accuracy of our diagnostic predictions is up to 100%.
Only in some cases the accuracy of our diagnostic predictions does not reach 100% exactly when we make the diagnosis on this documents
– Panoramic X-ray, Periapical X-rays, Computed Tomography (CT) and Intraoral Photographic we reach up to 97%.
– Panoramic X-ray, Periapical X-rays and Computed Tomography (CT) – we reach up to 95%.
– Panoramic X-ray and Periapical X-rays – we reach up to 91%.
– only Panoramic X-ray – we reach up to 88%.

1.2: Who exam my case?

All evaluations are performed by our professional, experienced team.
Your case will be first examination by the “Receptionist – Editor” and than by “Oral Radiologist”.
Depending on findings, the Oral Radiologist will send the pictures to the specialists for their diagnosis opinions and treatment options.
A simple case will be examined by at least 3 different specialists. A complex dental case will be examined by at least 5 different specialists.

online dental consult: 2: ABOUT OUR SERVICES

2.1: Does your “Dental Online Examination” replace a dental examination?

No, the “Dental Online Examination” is a service that reviews the dental x-rays, images and information you supply.
Although dental x-rays, TAC and images offer a vast amount of information, they do not show everything, so an incomplete or incorrect diagnosis is always a possibility.
As this is an online service, there is no clinical examination, and therefore, a complete oral examination including oral cancer screening is recommended to be completed by your local dentist.
Since we are only online, an official diagnosis can only be done in person.

2.2: I don’t have an x-ray. Can I require one of your services?

No, we are sorry, without an x-ray, we can’t give any answer to any question regarding your specific dental case.

online dental consult: 3. ABOUT OUR REPORT

3.1: How to order the report for the service I am interested in?

When you click on “request the service”, in the SECTION ONE of our webform you can chose the service best suited to your needs.

3.2: How to get the report?

Your report will be sent via email or whatsapp (you must specify when completing the form in the SECTION ONE ).
Please be sure to check your junk mail regularly, or add us as a contact.

3.3: How long does it take to get a professional opinion report from you?

Your report will be received within 4 business days from submitting a completed questionnaire and supporting attachments.

3.4: What if I need a urgent report?

Reports that are requested to be completed within within 2 standard business days is regarded as highly urgent which implies a 10 USD urgency fee.
If you require the urgent delivery of the report you must indicate this request when completing the form.

online dental consult: 4: ABOUT OUR WEBFORM

4.1: Which data I have to send to receive the service report I am interested in?

When you click on “request the service” and after you have chosen the service best suited to your needs, you will be required to fill up a basic information form. This fillable form has these five sections:
•SECTION ONE: here it’s about “Your Details”
•SECTION TWO : here you setting “Your Expectations for Dental Care”
•SECTION THREE: here it’s about your “Dental History”. All of your past dental history it’s important to understand your present dental condition.
•SECTION FOUR: your “Medical History” – here it’s about significant illnesses and medical conditions in order to understand your health.
•SECTION FIVE: here you can “Upload your Files”.

4.2: How can I be assured my information will remain confidential?

We guarantee the confidentiality of your medical information.
After your report is sent and follow-up questions answered, your information will be erased from our data bank, unless you choose to keep your information on file for future consultations.
We will never give or sell your information to a third party.

4.3: Is my information secure?

Yes, we highly value your information.
All personal information on this site is secure and encrypted.


5.1: How do I send my dental images and information to you?

When you fill the webform in the SECTION FIVE you can “Upload your Files”.

5.2: What kind of files our webform accept as attachments?

Common image files are accepted as attachments include JPEG (JPG).
Although webform accepts a large variety of attachments, common image files readily accepted as attachments include: JPEG (.JPG), PDF files, Microsoft Word files and most scanned files.

5.3: Which documents upload in the webform to increase the accuracy of my diagnosis?

About dental radiographs, and other diagnostic tests
Dental X-RAY(s):
•Panoramic X-ray (Pano)
•Periapical X-rays
•Full mouth x-ray (FMX-ray)
•Bitewing x-ray (BWX-rays).
Dental Tomography:
•Cone Beam Volumetric Tomography (CBVT)
•Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) also known as Cone Beam (CT)
Dental Photographs:
•Intraoral Photographs
•Extraoral Photographs
Diagnostic Tests:
•Periodontal Screening and Recording (PSR)
•Saliva Testing
Before upload images check the quality of image.
High quality imaging of x-ray will increase the accuracy of our diagnosis and report.
Poor quality X-rays and an inadequate imaging protocol increase rate of misdiagnosis.

5.4: How to upload X-RAY if you X-Rays is in standard film format.

You can take a digital camera with you to the doctors and just take photos of the x-rays while they are on the fluorescent viewing box.
You can also take digital photos of the x-ray film by holding the x-rays up to a window. Put a sheet of white paper behind the x-ray if it is too bright. Choose a window where there is no direct sunlight.
The photos should be sized with either the height or width no greater than about 600 pixels. Use your favorite photo editor to resize the photos.
Save your photos in a .jpg format and upload in webform.

5.5: How to upload X-RAY if yours X-Rays is on a CD in Dicom or .dcm Format

If you have your x-rays in a digital format on a CD, then you can convert the DICOM or .DCM images to .jpg images as follows:
Search the CD for any files having .DCM as the extension, you could write a search for *.DCM. If that returns files, then those are the ones that you need.
You can then download and install the little viewer “Irfanview” Also download the plugin for “DCM” that is available. Now you will have a perfect viewer and conversion program at your disposal.
Once you have opened the .DCM files from your CD with Irfanview, you can then save all the .DCM files in the popular .JPG format and uploads this file to webform.
Another simpler method is to insert the cd into your computer is to display the image on the screen. Then photograph the screen with a camera or mobile phone – without using the flash. Load the image thus obtained in the webform.

5.6: How do I get my X-rays and images from my local dentist?

Upon your request, your local dentist’s office should happily provide you with a copy of your dental x-rays, intraoral photographic images, dental treatment plan(s) and periodontal (gum) probing(s).
Ask your dentist to send your x-rays to you via email.
Alternatively, you can ask for a CD of your x-rays, or ask for the actual x-rays, and take a picture of them to send to our dentist.
Click Here for more information on the best way to take a readable photograph of your x-rays.


6.1: How to Send Large Files Over Email.

Many email servers refuse to accept email attachments over a certain size. While attachment sizes haven’t kept up with the times, there are other easy ways to send someone large files over email.
Even if you’re using a modern, online email client, message size is limited.
Use a Cloud Storage Service:
By far, your simplest option is to store files you want to share on a cloud storage service like Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive. You can then share the file with someone and inform them via email that you have done so. They can then click a link and download the file directly to their computer.
Use a Large-File Sending Service:
To help answer the large attachment problems, a number of file-sending services have sprung up online over the years. These services let you upload a file, and then give you a link to your upload. You can then paste that link into an email and the recipient can click the link and download the file. Here are some of the services offered by internet:
WeTransfer is a free platform for transferring large digital files up to 2GB per transfer.
Securely Send allows anyone to send large files safely.
A free account allows you three sends per month and the maximum file size you can send is 200MB.
You can use the site for free without registering. The free account allows you to send files that are as big as 100MB, whereas most email systems max out at 10MB to 25MB.
MailBigFile allows you to send large files when you can’t through regular email. The free service allows you to upload files with a maximum size of 300MB per file.

6.2: How do i send my 3d cone-beam ct scans to you for your review?

We will explain how to easily compress, upload and share your spine/joint diagnostic imaging disc (CD/DVD) containing your MRI/CAT/X-Ray scan.
Procedure is easy and simple, just follow our steps.
Opening the CD/DVD:
Please put your disc (CD/DVD) in PC/Notebook and wait for an “AutoPlay” message.
When its open, please click on “Open Folder to View Files”:
You will have to open “My Computer” manually, right click on a CD/DVD drive and left click on “Open”.
Compressing the CD/DVD content (files):
After you have successfully opened the CD/DVD, now the aim is to compress all files to one file (usually ZIP compressed file).
Please select all files by pressing “CTRL” button + “A” button at the same time, or select all files with your mouse pointer.
After that, right mouse click on any of selected files, go to “Send” and choose “Compressed (zipped) folder”, like shown in image bellow.
Now, you will get the warning message saying that the file cannot be created on the CD/DVD, but don’t worry.
This is normal and logical. Just press “Yes”.
…and file will be created on your desktop, ready to be shared with us.
Transferring the CD/DVD file to us.
After you have successfully opened CD/DVD, compressed all the files into one file, now you are ready to send the file directly to us.
For this purpose, we reccomend WeTransfer service because we find it very simple, reliable, fast and of course free.
Please go to and click on “Add Files”, like shown in image bellow.
Navigate to “Desktop” because file was saved there.
Search for your file, and then click “Open”.
Following that, please fill all other necessary data and click on “Transfer”.
Friend’s e-mail: please write our e-mail address:
Your e-mail: please write your full e-mail address.
Message: Please write your full contact information: First name(s) & Last name (to know from whom we receive the file)

online dental consult: 7: ABOUT THE QUALITY X-RAY PICTURES:

7.1: What if the dentist cannot read my x-ray or 3d cone-beam ct scans?

If the x-ray is unclear, or the dentist feels he cannot make a confident diagnosis from the information provided, you will notificated about this situation.
You are always invited to try again with a clearer x-ray and/or more information.
You don’t have to pay for the service you have request, until we will have enough data to provide the requested service.

bad_x_ray good_enough_x_ray good_x_ray

online dental consult: 8: ABOUT OUR PRICING AND PAYMENTS

8.1: What does 5€ examination-form fee mean?

All documents you send us will be checked to see if it is clear and sufficient to make the diagnosis and find the solution to the dental problem.
We do not receive payment for the service is required now, until we are 100% sure that we have enough elements to formulate a correct diagnosis with an acuteness level equal to or greater than 0,8, and to deliver a clear and comprehensive report.
So the 5 € is a symbolic payment which represents the cost of verifying the documentation.

8.2: What payment methods do you accept?

We use PayPal as our payment process.
PayPal allows you to make payments using a variety of methods including: PayPal balance, bank account, PayPal branded debit and credit cards, PayPal Credit, debit card, and credit card.

8.3: Paying “examination-form fee” through PayPal.

After filling out the form you will be asked to pay the 5 € as a examination-form fee.
You will be directed to PayPal’s secure payment site.
After you have paid the “examination-form fee” through PayPal, you
will be invited by email message to pay for the service you have asked or to complete a supplied dental information questionnaire and attach that questionnaire, your x-rays, images, scanned dental treatment plan and scanned periodontal (gum) probing(s).

8.4. Paying the service cost through PayPal.

After paying the examination-form fee if you have submitted enough data and dental images to provide the service your will be notificated by email to pay the cost of the service you have request.
You will receive an email Payment Notification to pay for the service.

online dental consult: 9: OTHER ISSUES

online dental consult: 9.1: You can give advice to find a good dentist?

On Internet You can find a lot of pages with “Tips for Finding a Good Dentist”.
Here’s some our advice how to decide:

  • Determine how many dental appointments will be required for your dental treatment plan, and if the dental care will all be handled by the same practitioner or different dentists or if you will have to visit different offices.
  • Make sure that the dental treatment’s your need, are provided by dentists with specialization required for that specific dental procedures. For example if you need endodontic treatment and dental implants the most likely is that at least 2 different dentists need to take care of you. In some cases three different dentists: endotontist, implantologist and prosthetic.
  • Never make a decision based on price alone.
  • Never risk your health by getting treatment with any dentist that doesn’t give you full confidence, no matter how much money you think you may save.
  • Make sure that the dental materials brand is clearly specified in the dental supply.
    You can evaluate a dental offer, if the materials used to restore your dental health are related to the best known brands.
    Especially for dental implants, dental crowns and biomaterials (synthetic bone and membrane) it’s important to know the dental brands.
    On the market there are hundreds of brands of dental plants and not all are equal to each other as a quality and as a price. It’s important to know that you pay the right price for a given brand.
    Crowns can be made from different materials: Metal crowns, Porcelain-fused-to-metal dental crowns, All-resin dental crowns, All-ceramic or all-porcelain dental crowns. Each one of this crown can be made with different brands of raw materials. Each brand has different features and prices. It is important to know not only that the dentist offers you zirconium crowns, but what type and zirconia brand.
  • When bone reconstructive surgery is required, it is indicated how to know which biomaterials the surgery is being made.
  • Make sure the treatment plans are comprehensive and don’t have hidden costs or steps that required but not listed.

Ultimately, the decision to get any form of dental treatment is yours. Make it wisely.

online dental consult: 9.2: Dental emergencies – what if I have pain or swelling?

Please contact your local dentist immediately if you have pain or swelling.
Dental infections are dangerous and if ignored can damage other teeth, the jaw, and in some instances be life threatening.
We are a professional dental x-ray, image and treatment plan evaluation service online and cannot treat your dental condition or prescribe medications for you.


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