ask a dentist online – to be better informed before making a decision:

Our online “dental examination” can be very useful

ask a dentist online: What’s in this page: There are lots of scenarios where our dental online examination or dentist second opinion could be a perfect solution to a particular problem.
Our services could be taken at different times: before the first dental visit, after the first visit but before beginning the treatment, on treatment and after treatment.
See below the circumstances when our services are very usefully.

ask a dentist online

ask a dentist online: BEFORE FIRST VISIT

If you’ve never consulted a dentist, our online “dental examination” can be very useful to you to know what is the right treatment and the right cost for the same.

ask a dentist online: The circumstances where you should consider getting our dental examination online before your first dental visit are:

  • if you have missing teeth
  • if you have bone loss or have receding gums
  • if you suffering from pyorrhea
  • if you intend to get cosmetic dentistry
  • if you want to know if you could be a candidate for Invisalign


Here are some common scenarios regarding dental examination, diagnosis, solutions, plan of care and costs of the treatments where dental patients should ask for a dentist Second Opinion after the first dental examination for having various perspectives an make an informed decision about treatment.

Let’s see for these five aspects the circumstances where you should consider getting a second opinion.

DENTAL EXAMINATION – If for any reason you are not satisfied of your first dental examination get our dental second opinion.
Studies demonstrate that patients often receive a bad intraoral examination. The bad intraoral examination means partial or wrong diagnosis and consequently inappropriate care.
Some of signals to assess whether the intraoral examination isn’t done well are:
– if the intraoral examination was fast
– if the dentist doesn’t request your old dental records.
– If the dentist don’t do an oral cancer screening.
– If during your dental examination you observe that they’re using old technology.
– If during your dental examination you observe that they’re not careful about germs.

DENTAL EXAMINATION – if you seem the dentist is inexperienced and fear of wrong dental treatment.
Maybe it’s just your impression, but you must be sure before taking a decision.

DENTAL EXAMINATION – if the dental practice is brand name and they continuous advertising or offers deep discounts and Groupon deals.
If they’re a household name, they could be more focused on getting new patients than keeping the ones they have. It may indicate that their patient flow is a leaky bucket from unfavorable patient experiences.

DIAGNOSIS – If you are unsure that the dentist provided the right diagnosis.
When you receive a diagnosis from a dentist, you should be able to trust that they are accurate.
The wrong diagnosis meaning that you will be treated for the wrong thing which will creating new problems to you.
First of all if you want certainties about correct diagnosis you might seek a second opinion to avoid a mistaken diagnosis.
Always is wise to get a second opinion if your dentist has diagnosed serious oral health problems such as oral cancer.

SOLUTION – If you are unsure that the dental solution that was proposed to you is the better solution to your dental problems and want to find out if there are other alternatives available.
For the same dental case, different dentists could prospect different solution, each one with different treatments and result.
It’s comprehensible because dentists have unique backgrounds.
Each one have undergone different trainings and have encountered different cases of dental issues in their practice.
A specialized dentist could prospect a better solution to a specific dental case, better than a general dentist.

SOLUTION – You seek multiple opinions to help you decide on a treatment with the best possible outcome and the best fit for your lifestyle and preferences.

SOLUTION – You should always get a second opinion any time if the dentist recommends an irreversible treatment that may not be necessary for you.
The most relevant irreversibile tretaments are: dental implants, bone graft, periodontal, TMJ treatment, cosmetic dentistry, candidacy for Invisalign and other advanced treatment alternatives.

TREATMENT PLAN – If you are not quite comfortable with the treatment being offered and are looking for alternatives.
If you have one dental option and you want to ensure that the treatment being offered to you is the right choice.
If you have more dental options and you are not able to decide what is best for you.
extensive Dental Work or treatment plan that seems excessive for the kind of dental symptoms you have.

TREATMENT PLAN – If you Make sure the treatment it’s the right one.

COSTS OF THE TREATMENTS – If you are concerned about the costs of the recommended treatment.
If the quote you received is realy excesive high, you will be able to looking around for a better deal.


If you fear of fraudulent dentistry.
However, many dentists will recommend unnecessary treatment to receive extra payments.
A hungry dentist is a dangerous dentist. Dentists will look for new work to do.
When you receive a quote from a dentist, you should be able to trust that they are honest.
The cost of recommended treatment is very expensive and you want to verify that the dentist are honest and do not lie about treatment you need.

If you fear of Unnecessary treatments.
There are two principal reasons why a dentist might suggest unnecessary or overzealous treatment.
First some dentists recommend unnecessary treatment because they are simply inexperienced.
Numerous dental procedures are ineffective at best and harmful in many cases.
Second, other dentist recommends treatment simply because they’re covered by your insurance.
Just because it’s covered doesn’t necessarily mean it’s necessary.
Dentists are boosting their incomes by insisting on too many check-ups, taking too many X-rays, doing unnecessary scaling and polishing, and replacing fillings too frequently.
Any unnecessary treatment weaken your oral health, so those Dentists ruin teeth for profit
You want to find out if the recommended treatment is truly necessary or if there are other alternatives available.

If you are scared.
has been given a dental treatment plan that scares or overwhelms you

If the dentist becomes unsympathetic when you mention getting second opinion
Taking a second opinion does not mean you don’t trust your dentist, a second opinion from a different dentist helps to confirm the diagnosis of your dentist and in case of a misdiagnosis it offers the opportunity to get back to the right path of treatment.
A good dentist don’t get upset if a patient wants a second or third or even a fourth opinion.
A good dentist aren’t threatened by second opinions if he is sure of his diagnosis and his treatment plan.

ask a dentist online: ON TREATMENT

The circumstances where you should consider getting a second opinion during ongoing treatment include the following situations:

  • If the dentist seems incapable of treating the problem.
  • If you don’t feel your dentist is qualified to perform the recommended treatment.
  • If you do not have a good relationship with your current dentist.
  • If the dental work seems ineffective for fixing or correcting your dental problem.

ask a dentist online: AFTER TREATMENT

The circumstances where you should consider getting a second opinion after treatment is completed include the following situations:

  • If the dental work previously done by your dentist did not resolve the issue.
  • You are not quite comfortable with the treatment that was done and are looking for alternatives.
  • If you want to ensure that the treatment that was done to you it’s correct (after implantlogy, Bone Grafting for Dental Implants, root canal therapy, etc.)
  • If you have doubts that the treatment was wrong
  • If you suspect you have been injured during the treatment